Kalpana Patel


Kalpana Patel is a New York-based entrepreneur, professional light designer, photographer, and programs director of A Free Bird Organization. As a photographer, she prides herself on capturing the essence of the moment. Her strong design background includes creating photoshoot designs that are subtle, yet impeccably effective. Her style not only enhances the natural beauty of the moment, but also strengthens the natural integrity and flair of the individual. She has utilized her photography and light designs professionally for AFB and her dedication helps the organization grow every single day, inspiring the entire team as well as the children.


Kalpana’s specializes in natural light photography and uses everyday objects like windows and screens to illuminate the unfiltered, raw moment. One of her specialties is photographing newborn babies and infants to the delight of new parents. Kalpana enjoys meeting her clients beforehand to understand their personality, style and experience in order to achieve a more personal and relaxing photoshoot. Kalpana is driven by her clients’ passion, tears of joy, and enthusiasm. She strives to capture the precious moments of life that are often unnoticed. She is a truly gifted artist!