Falyn Vega


At twelve years old, Falyn Vega noticed a small lump that grew on the side of her neck. After a biopsy, she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. Although frightened, Falyn was never discouraged and was greatly determined to defeat the cancer. While under chemotherapy, she missed out on many months of having a normal childhood but became heavily influenced by the arts. She has been in remission for three years now.


A Free Bird heard Falyn’s story in early 2016 and witnessed her fearlessness and enthusiasm while battling cancer. Falyn is multi-talented and believes deeply in the healing and empowering abilities of art. She is passionate about music, photography, makeup artistry, and acting.


Under the mentorship of a Broadway performer, Falyn learned theatre and dancing. Falyn has sung and performed at Radio City Music Hall for the Garden of Dreams Talent show. She sang “Let it Go” from her favorite movie, “Frozen”.


Falyn is now a freelance photographer who takes pride in photographing her friends. She is also a makeup artist that embraces the craft as one of her many forms of self-expression.

When we asked Falyn why she decided to participate in the “I Am A Free Bird Campaign”, she proclaimed that helping other children who are struggling through the same thing she went through is something that is very close to her heart. She hopes to inspire children along with adults to overcome their most difficult battles. We can expect many great things from Falyn as she continues to impress and motivate those around her. She is a truly inspirational person and we are proud to have as a part of the A Free Bird community!